Basic Information You Need to Know if Preparing Paleo Diet Recipes

Following the paleo diet means that you will only eat dishes eaten by people during the Paleolithic era. It occurred around 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. At that time, the predominant dishes include fish, fruits, nuts, seed, and vegetables.

The primary reason why people opt for this diet is because they want to stay healthy. Those who have tried it before said that they felt better. They also said that they lost weight quickly which is something many people want to achieve.

If you intend to follow this diet technique and you want to prepare paleo diet recipes at home, these are some important reminders to remember to stay true to the diet technique.

Opt for high protein consumption

When you think of protein, you immediately remember meat and fish. It is okay to eat them along with eggs and protein-rich vegetables.

However, you need to stick with grass-fed meat only since commercial feeds were not yet available thousands of years ago. You also need to stick with protein sources that are not necessarily meat.

Low carbohydrate

The primary reason why a lot of people are losing weight because of this diet technique is that it requires you to lower your carb intake. Carb consumption is one of the reasons why you keep gaining weight.

Simple carbs are okay. Anything that is made from flour like pasta, noodles and bread must be avoided.

High fat intake

This is perhaps good news since this diet forces you to eliminate quite a lot on your plate. You cannot eat all types of fats though.

The key is to stick with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These are the good types that will offer health benefits.

Avoid trans-fats that you usually get from processed meat. Omega-3 is an example of a healthy fat that you can consume.

There is no need for calorie count

Unlike other diets which require you to be strict with your calorie intake, it is not too strict with the paleo diet.

Instead, you need to focus on eating plenty of foods that are healthy, and cut down everything else. You already know what would be best for you and what you need to avoid.

Be consistent

There is a list of dishes that you can eat if you want to follow this diet. Given that it is not as restrictive as a vegan diet, for instance, you will find it easy to follow.

The key is for you to be consistent. Unlike other diet techniques that allow you to have a cheat day, you cannot do that with this diet.

The difficult part is on preparing the dishes you have to eat. There are not so many restaurants that follow this diet technique.

When you give it a try and see the positive changes in your body, you will feel inspired to keep pushing. Some people might use this technique for weight loss, but the primary goal is for you to stay healthy.